My ITP Status

Anne feels confident about her treatment

Now that Anne knows her ITP is chronic, she’s been working with her doctor to make treatment decisions that address her preferences. Now Anne takes comfort knowing that her treatment helps her manage her chronic ITP symptoms and fits into her schedule. Gone are the days when she felt that she was constantly starting over and trying new treatments. Instead, she’s confident that her treatment is the right approach for her, and she finally feels like she’s able to manage her chronic ITP.

What do I ask my health care team?

Here are some potential questions you may have at this stage to discuss with your health care team:

• How is my platelet count today?

       – What’s a good range for me moving forward?

• Are there any treatments I haven’t tried yet?

• What about combination therapies?

• I’ve heard about platelet booster therapies. Are they right for me?

• What are the potential side effects of those treatments?

• Are there any drug interactions I need to know about?


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Be sure to talk to your doctor if you experience any changes in your symptoms or your health at any time during your treatment.


Not sure which questions to ask your doctor? Identify topics to discuss with your health care team at your next appointment.