ITP is different for everyone

Every ITP journey of diagnosis and treatment is unique. The following stories of struggle and resilience may help you understand what you or a loved one may be going through.

Meet Jim

After a scary onset of his initial ITP symptoms in the middle of a busy day, followed by a number of failed treatments, Jim finally has his ITP under control. He won’t let it stop him from living a full life.

Meet Krystal

Before ITP can be diagnosed as the cause of low platelets, other conditions have to be ruled out. Doctors told Krystal she might have anemia, leukemia, and different autoimmune disorders before diagnosing her with ITP. Now Krystal has come to terms with her new reality and has learned not to let platelet counts rule her life. 

Meet Meredith

Meredith was 21 and at college when she learned she had ITP. See how she moved forward with the help of family and the right health care team, graduated, and is now finding balance in her life.



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